TicWatch Pro Review: The best option for Wear OS

While Apple has apparently made sense of the smartwatch amusement, Android clients are as yet scanning for the best choice. For a spell, we had the Huawei Watch which was the accepted decision, however is presently a couple of years old.

From that point forward, we have seen a lot of alternatives stroll through the entryway, with very few truly staying. TicWatch has discharged another offering with the TicWatch Pro that could make a huge difference. At any rate briefly.

Hardware and Build Quality

After removing the TicWatch Pro from the crate I was both shocked and interested at what was happening here. The watch itself is produced using a strong aluminum, that is both extensive and fairly weighty at first glace.

Given that I have bigger wrists than the normal individual, the span of the watch was a charming amazement. Be that as it may, you might need to investigate the other TicWatch contributions in the event that you are searching for something littler.
Specs :

 - 1.39-inch 400 x 400 Display
 - Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 SoC
 - 512MB RAM
 - 4GB Storage
 - GPS, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2
 - IP68
 - 415mAh Battery

What truly energized me in the wake of putting the watch on was simply the band. Outwardly, there is a cowhide like material which gives an expert look. Nonetheless, as an afterthought that lays on your skin, we have silicone.
This makes it workable for your wrist to "inhale" while giving an open to feeling on the wrist. In the event that this isn't your glass o' tea, at that point you can undoubtedly swap this out for an alternate band.
Moving onto the principle fascination of the TicWatch Pro, we have a totally stunning OLED show. This is sufficiently brilliant to see in pretty much every circumstance, except there's a shrouded highlight that sets this smartwatch separated from the rest.

Over the standard OLED board, there is additionally a FSTN (Film remunerated Super Twisted Nematic) LCD board. Basically, there's a layered presentation over the OLED show and this is all things considered.

This "Basic Mode" attempts to spare battery life by going about as a "dependably in plain view", while appearing following bits of data:

 - Time
 - Date
 - Step Count
 - Battery Level

We'll address this auxiliary showcase somewhat later, however there's somewhat more to offer on the equipment side. The TicWatch Pro offers two catches on the correct side of the edge, which have a play out a couple of various activities.

 - Top catch, single press – App list
 - Top catch, long press – Google Assistant
 - Lower catch, single press – Configurable to the application of your decision
 - Lower catch, twofold press – Google Pay
 - Lower catch, long press – Power menu (Essential Mode, Restart, or Power off)

Being able to arrange your preferred lower catch to an application is a decent touch. So as to change this, you'll have to head into the TicWatch by Mobvoi application on your TicWatch Pro.


When I got the TicWatch Pro, the smartwatch was at that point running the most recent rendition of Wear OS. There were a couple of minor updates that have been pushed since discharge, however just including minor bug fixes and changes.

It's very obvious that Wear OS (once Android Wear) has taken a secondary lounge to everything else that Google is chipping away at. This is extremely tragic and disquieting, yet joined with the very nearly 3-year-old Wear 2100 SoC, there's very little to truly get amped up for.

Wear OS all in all is simply useful, however joined with the chipset, you're probably going to encounter the periodic slack. At times is more regrettable than others, however all things considered, you'll likely be okay until further notice.

Notwithstanding Google-coordinated highlights, the TicWatch Pro likewise incorporates some additional applications from Mobvoi. These are essentially centered around wellbeing, with the Fitness application which screens your pulse. The Health application monitors your means, separation, and all the more all from a perfect looking knowledge.

Battery Life

The most interesting part of the TicWatch Pro isn't the incredible structure, or the way that it runs Wear OS. Rather, battery life has been completely radiant as I had the capacity to get 2.5 long periods of use with the Pro running its "standard" mode.

The auxiliary presentation that we referenced before is being touted to give between 5 to 30 days of battery life. Since the LCD show devours less power and just demonstrates to you the basics, this is the ideal method to prop your watch up at whatever point you have to spare some juice. Basically long push on the lower catch and tap "Basic Mode", and the auxiliary showcase will enact.

It's very far-fetched that you will ever really "just" utilize the Essential Mode, yet it's as yet something that more smartwatches should include later on.

Pricing & Conclusion

The TicWatch Pro is a smartwatch that could have been greatly improved than what is as of now is. If not for Qualcomm and Google stalling in the wearable space, at that point the Pro would totally astonishing at just $249.

That being stated, before in September, Qualcomm reported the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset. This guarantees to offer better battery life and better in general execution. Yet, that is not saying much while being contrasted with a 2-year-old processor.

Regardless, on the off chance that you don't crave sitting tight for new Wear 3100 smartwatches to dispatch, at that point the TicWatch Pro is our pick for a Wear OS smartwatch.

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