COWIN E7 Pro Review – Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Earphones, earpiece or headset, whatever you call it. The fundamental use isn't simply to influence you to tune in to great music and incredible sounds. In any case, it ought to likewise furnish you with a decent segregation from the external world, where individuals are visiting boisterously without fail.

Acquiring another earphone can be extremely awkward. There are a great many brands with a huge number of items, guaranteeing every one to be superior to the rest. Along these lines, to locate your best earphone set, you have to complete a little homework. Look for the items on the web, think about their upsides and downsides. At that point get your hands on the one that surpasses the highlights of the others.

For your help, I am not giving you a rundown of the best earphone items. This would confound you considerably progressively like which one to purchase. All I am doing is presenting to you a genuine survey with genuine realities about the COWIN E7 Pro after the overhaul. The E7 is a standout amongst the most sought online items, particularly after the 2018 redesign which makes it expert.

So how about we begin from the presentation of the producers and after that proceeding onward to bits and sways of this redesigned sound-product.

COWIN E7 Pro Review – After the upgrade

In the event that you call COWIN the specialist of sounds, it won't not be right. This group concocts a variety of items. In any case, without fail, they have different positive highlights and least number of cons. COWIN E7 a standout amongst the best forms of earphones accessible. It has a great many fulfilled clients, particularly after the most recent 2018 overhaul. Individuals are currently paying attention to get the remote COWIN E7 Pro earphones.

The shut ear glasses are steady to diminish the commotion in your environment. The pads are agreeable. A propelled speaker innovation furnishes top of the line sound with amazing bass. You get this all at a significant value, making it one of the best picking item on the web.

What does this updated and genius rendition of the COWIN E7 possess? You will discover in this COWIN E7 Pro after the overhaul audit.


What becomes obvious first? It is the shape, size, and by and large life structures. The COWIN E7 Pro cushioning is well made and agreeable. The headband is implanted with lighten inside the calfskin covering. It makes it feel simple on your head. In addition, they are of lightweight and the ear glasses are delicate.

On the drawback, the ear glasses are round molded and somewhat excessively little. You can't expand the headband as you might want to do on enormous size heads. Therefore, I figure you will feel exhausting in the event that you wear them for significant lots.

Protein Ear - Pads

Alongside this, let us talk about the pads of this most recent COWIN E7 Pro form. The organization has supplanted the customary froth of the E7 ear cushions. Presently they utilize an expert protein-enhanced form. Also, the round ear-glasses are rotatable by 90 degrees.

Which implies, your ears are not going to hurt as long as you are utilizing E7 Pro by COWIN.

NFC Technology Built-in Microphone

It additionally showed signs of improvement worked in amplifier to enhance your voice with lucidity and accuracy. So they are extraordinary for chronicle voice sounds or for web based talking to the far away places.

The mouthpiece utilized in the E7 Pro is redesigned with the NFC innovation. Which implies, the voice will quickly reach to your Bluetooth empowered gadgets.

Powerful ANC Technology

A standout amongst the best things about the overhaul is, it is currently established with the ANC Technology. ANC lessens loud sounds in your environment. It is explicitly encouraging those sensitive to social affairs. Presently you can simply put on your COWIN E7 Pro, switch ANC on and overlook the world.

Aside from this, you can make the most of your most loved music, play recordings and effectively chat on the-go. Indeed, even on a bustling pathway, you won't be aggravated on the grounds that the Active Noise Cancellation is here at your administration.

Articulate Sound with Amp

The most recent form of E7 Pro by COWIN is controlled with 45 mm expansive gap drivers. Hence, the bass is reliable and punchy, despite the fact that it is supported. Treble additionally is great and generally offset with incredible sound imaging. In any case, the mids sound somewhat slender, particularly on vocals.

Presently you will get understandable sounds without fail. The eloquent sound is a term that affirms profound and nitty gritty music. Making every single voice of the sound you are playing, capable of being heard with discovery.

Test it by playing a video where loads of winged animals twittering around. You will most likely distinguish every differentia sound effectively.

In contrast with the E7, the expert variants sound quality is increasingly adjusted and generally better.

30 Hours Playtime with Fully Charged Battery

You can utilize this earphone with and without wire, only the manner in which you like it.

On the off chance that you need to lay in a tub with earphones on, isolate the wires. Make the most of your cherished music while washing with as long as 30 hours. The 800 mAh battery life of COWIN E7 Pro won't let you down.

In any case, be careful, in the event that you are on a long voyage. You may have no entrance to an office to revive your earphones. What's more, regardless of whether you have, energizing these takes quite a while, extremely moderate stacking speed.

So dependably keep the wires with you in the event that you need to tune in to your most loved music till you need. You can utilize them while charging, this is great.

Warranty and Customer Care

Being the certified and most genuine brand, COWIN offers a 18-month guarantee on the E7 Pro.

If there should arise an occurrence of any issue, you reserve the option to call the client care focus. A cordial staff part will assist you with conquering questions and aides you for guarantee appropriately.

To guarantee a guarantee don't utilize online interfaces from where you had acquired the item. Truth be told, contact authoritatively to COWIN.


  • Dynamic Noise Cancellation include
  • Remote use by means of Bluetooth
  • Installed with amp
  • Protein ear cushions
  • Comfortable
  • Long battery life
  • Clear sound quality
  • 1.5 years' guarantee


  • By and large look is great, however perhaps the plan feels massive.
  • Ear mugs seal is delicate, be that as it may, with watchful use, you can protect it.
  • Normal amplifier (to record HD sounds)


The COWIN E7 Pro is agreeable, customizable and has a superior adjusted sound than the E7. They have dynamic commotion wiping out and an implicit speaker to control your music. The installed receiver is conventional and it is by and large simple to use with and without wires. Also, its battery life includes extra esteem.

COWIN offers year and a half of guarantee and a well disposed client support. Besides, the E7 Pro earphones are practically evaluated. It would seem that a decent to snatch sound equipment accessible up until this point.

With everything taken into account, they convey a decent sound ordeal and are compact. Be that as it may, in the event that you are searching for earphones to go running or taking all your business calls at a bustling metro station, at that point these are not for you.

Indeed, let us close the talk with an inquiry. Is it safe to buy COWIN E7 Pro after the overhaul or not?

My response to this is yes. Since it has got every one of the highlights you need to have in an extraordinary earphone. These are a decent decision for you on the off chance that you need versatility and sound quality at a sensible cost.

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