Fitbit Versa Smart Watch Review 2019

"That is a decent watch," said my associate, around a hour after I lashed the Fitbit Versa to my individual. The new wellness tracker, the organization's third go at a smartwatch you can wear for quite a long time at any given moment, is an appreciated refresh to its butt-monstrous forerunner. The $200 Versa will more than likely fulfill any wellness lover, easygoing competitor, or wellbeing nut searching for an activity driven (and durable) wearable, yet the deficiency of accessible applications joined with the closeness in cost to other, increasingly skilled wearables make it an extreme sell for geeks who need more.

At any rate it's cuter than the last one!

Where the Fitbit Ionic bit the dust from a plan point of view, the Versa endeavors to correct with a progressively staid and unassuming look. Bid a fond farewell to the rakish, sci-fi look found on the Ionic and the similarly ignoble Fitbit Blaze, and make proper acquaintance with the Versa's aluminum development, dark on-dark shading plan, and smoothed corners that shout "my first smartwatch" more than anything. Notwithstanding dark, it's accessible in rose gold or silver, with the NFC-prepared Versa Special Edition accessible in rose gold or graphite.

Indeed, even with the adjustments in structure, the Fitbit Versa looks rather tasteless. It's "squircle" shape is like the similarly exhausting Apple Watch, yet it's less cleaned, and has a bigger bezel making it more extensive than its squircle-molded rival, regardless of whether it is more slender.

Neither can coordinate the style found in the round smartwatches running Google's Wear OS, however even PCs can't get away from the way that design is torment. Those name brand and expensive high fashion gadgets experience the ill effects of dreadful battery life and underpowered equipment, giving the Versa the opening it should be an elective gadget for individuals searching for something to follow their keeps running just as their rest without illustration consideration like some grandiose wellness band.

The redeeming quality of the Ionic was its mind boggling battery life, which implied going multi day or two (or six) without an energize didn't transform your smartwatch into a wrist-mounted paperweight. The Versa's evaluated battery life of more than four days, while a stage back, is as yet noteworthy contrasted with the likewise estimated Apple Watch Series 1 and its "as long as 18 hours" of battery life. Those additional days mean additional time spent really utilizing your watch for social affair data like rest information and normal pulse data, and less time embeddings it into a charging support.

Talking about charging supports! The Versa's, which utilizes an exclusive fasten like component to secure the smartwatch, is quite damn irritating. The support's unweighted base methods you'll be tinkering with its link to keep it level on your table. Interestingly, the Ionic's more straightforward (and restrictive) charging link associates with the gadget's underside.

Both charging techniques are second rate contrasted with wearables like Nokia's Steel HR or the Apple Watch, two gadgets that have straightforward charging bases that require no fiddling, futzing, fastening, or getting a handle on. Also, the Fitbit dedicated will be glad to realize the three-prong charging link on the Ionic is incongruent with the Versa's four-prong charging contacts. Beautiful.

On the off chance that I needed to charge this thing consistently, you better trust I'd search for some knockoff charging dock that required much less holding and clicking, yet that long battery life implies I rarely collaborate with the disturbance. Little supernatural occurrences, I assume.

Where the Versa exceeds expectations is in its interface. All significant wellbeing information (alongside the time) can be seen on the adaptable clock face. Swiping at the screen's edges will uncover your notices, and let you peruse the day's wellbeing information so you can watch your progression tally, pulse, and consumed calories. You can likewise swipe and tap to revise and utilize applications introduced on the Versa through Fitbit's cell phone application. What's more, on the off chance that you have an uterus, the refresh coming before long will add period following to the watch's rundown of highlights too.

The Versa underpins notices like writings, logbook alarms, telephone calls, alongside warnings from informing administrations like Slack, however answering is not feasible, at any rate for iOS clients. The speedy answer highlight, making content reactions a one tap arrangement, is en route for Android clients.

Slack was not really an issue, even in the wake of getting an impact of thirty-eight instant messages from a gathering talk around an up and coming Dungeons and Dragons crusade. In that regard it trounces its fundamental challenge, the Apple Watch Series 1, which is moderate as molasses with regards to opening applications or collaborating with keen home capacities. The Versa likewise completes a stunning piece of work showing the data you really care about: your wellness information.

The cell phone sidekick application makes it similarly easy to take anyplace from a look to a profound plunge on your wellness information. You can without much of a stretch alter the dashboard and revamp it to feature the information you care about most. For my situation, that implied staying my pulse and rest information over the overlap, and tossing components like caloric admission and water utilization at the base.

Fitbit claims it has, joined, more than 550 clock faces and applications accessible for both the Ionic and the Versa, however the last's application determination is pitiful scraps as of this composition. At the present time, the most conspicuous application is from Starbucks, and gives you a chance to pay for your frosted crappuccino by examining the Starbucks Card standardized tag on your Versa's screen.

Those 550 plans and applications are to a great extent because of Fitbit's procurement of Pebble and its application stage. Fitbit told Gizmodo the applications accessible on the Ionic would likewise pursue on the Versa some engineer side updates. There are different applications, as Strava, Flipboard, and, for reasons unknown The New York Times, yet those are the greatest names as of now in the store, and that is a genuine bummer.

With no Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, or Tidal help, the main music you'll have the capacity to tune in to with the Versa are the melodies you sideload into the gadget (up to 300 tunes) or the ones you tune in to in Pandora or Deezer, the main music benefits the Versa presently underpins. Likewise, on the off chance that you need to pay for things utilizing NFC, you'll have to buy the $230 Versa Special Edition and sign up for Fitbit Pay in the wake of finding your bank on the organization's rundown of bolstered money related accomplices. Does a smartwatch lacking help for legitimate and natural music playback truly consider a smartwatch?

You'd think third time's the appeal, and in a way it is. The Versa is a stamped improvement over the organization's past contributions. It's smooth enough to not be ostentatious, has a battery that keeps going sufficiently long to overcome (a large portion of) a work week, tracks everything from pulse to lay down with and gives you a chance to expedite your very own tunes a run in the event that you choose to abandon your telephone. Be that as it may, it's no smartwatch, at any rate not without a convergence of applications to exploit its great UI. Likewise, you'll need that telephone in the event that you need area information amid your runs.

The overly classy smartwatch worth parading doesn't exactly exist for under $300, however the Versa draws nearer. In any event it will give you a chance to audit how you rested before revealing to you you're late for a gathering. On the off chance that you, similar to me, need a wearable that assembles stuff you can use to settle on educated and advantageous choices about your wellbeing while at the same time giving enough smarts you keep you side by side of who's hittin' you up and when your next arrangement is, get the Versa.

Additionally, it doesn't make me resemble the all out square I am, so that is an or more.


  • The Value Meal™ of both wellness trackers and smartwatches. 
  • Tradable groups valuable for promptly dumping the standard dark elastic look. 
  • Great wearable for Android clients who don't have a Samsung telephone. 
  • Poor music controls except if you take the hour to exchange your playlists. 
  • Poo application determination makes it helpful for wellness and, uh, time...telling.
  • Sufficiently svelte to be an Apple Watch elective for your Pixel-cherishing cousin's birthday present in the event that you folks all choose to contribute.
  • The Timer and Hue Lights are essentially the main valuable applications.

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