Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Q Stainless Steel Touchscreen Watch Review

Fossil demonstrates its own-image smartwatches are similarly in the same class as its fashioner joint efforts.

What is the Fossil Q Venture HR Smartwatch?

Fossil has been having some fantastic luck in the course of recent years, propelling smartwatch after smartwatch. On account of this proceeded with promise to creating gadgets that both look great and function admirably, its most recent yield of Wear OS-controlled wearables may very well be probably the best available right now.

The Q Venture HR is one of the most recent fourth era smartwatches from the organization. It's the image's female-centered structure that provides food for littler wrists and wins some genuine style focuses.

This demonstrates albeit Fossil has recently collaborated with creators, for example, Emporio Armani, Kate Spade and Michael Kors, to make top of the line joint efforts, you needn't bother with the blessing from a major style house to plan an attractive smartwatch.

Running on an overhauled Wear OS, the Q Venture HR brags a ton included innovation contrasted and past Fossil models, including a pulse tracker, independent GPS and backing for Google Pay. This implies it could give probably the best smartwatches a genuine keep running for their cash.

One of the fundamental drawbacks to the Q Venture HR is that, as past Fossil smartwatch models, despite everything it has a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor inside.

This is somewhat baffling, considering Qualcomm has since divulged the Snapdragon Wear 3100, which guarantees to convey more noteworthy battery life span. Yet, we have everything crossed that the improved Wear OS experience will compensate for it.

Fossil Q Venture HR Smartwatch – Design & Screen

The Q Venture HR has a top notch metal form and a great roundabout plan, which make it an entirely wearable blend of straightforward and beautiful.

It comes in silver, gold and rose gold shades, and there are nine diverse lash blends to browse, including treated steel, calfskin and silicone in an assortment of hues. There are likewise extraordinary bezel alternatives, including a smooth completion and another with gem specifying around the outside.

With such an immense decision of plan choices, Fossil has made a flexible smartwatch to suit a ton of tastes. The majority of the diverse alternatives are deserving of ordinary wear however pick the gold-tone treated steel lash with clear specifying around the watch face for alluring class, and the dark silicone tie and rose gold face for a regular or energetic look.

Furthermore, in light of the fact that you pick something more glitz, doesn't mean you can't change out the lash for an increasingly useful alternative sometime later. The watch is additionally good with any 18mm groups, so in case you're not content with Fossil's choice, you can look around.

The Q Venture HR has a 40mm hardened steel packaging that is 13mm thick, so it's an incredible alternative for littler wrists. Obviously, Fossil has ladies set in its sights for this one yet it could without much of a stretch be a unisex watch for anybody in the market searching for a littler choice.

A standout amongst the most striking highlights of the smartwatch is its high-goals 1.19-inch AMOLED show, which looks incredible in a wide range of lighting. It merits referencing that the showcase has a 3mm dark bezel around the face. I scarcely seen it however a few people may feel disillusioned that such a dazzling screen doesn't extend the whole distance to the edge of the plan.

There are three catches in favor of the watch. You look through menus utilizing either the crown in the center – which can be contorted or squeezed – or get to various menus through the two catches on either side. These can both be customized to take you to various menus, which is helpful if there's a particular application or highlight you use regularly.

The Q Venture HR offers a lot of watch faces out the case

You have around 40 watch face choices to look over. Simply head to the Settings by swiping down or long press the present watch face. There are incredible decisions that are probably going to suit all styles, from conventional and negligible, to retro and energetic.

Some of them can likewise be redone to concentrate on various information focuses, which is valuable and truly makes the watch feel individual. There's likewise an alternative to make your own watch face utilizing your most loved Facebook or Instagram photographs.

On the underside of the watch, you'll discover a pulse sensor that sticks out a little yet feels good when you're wearing it, sitting flush against the skin.

Fossil Q Venture HR Smartwatch – Software & Performance

Like the past emphasis of the Q Venture, this fourth era watch is running Google's Wear OS. With 4GB of capacity, the interface runs easily, notwithstanding when heaps of that space is stuffed with applications.

Wear OS is a genuine treat to utilize: it's basic, natural and – above all – you don't have to recollect any confounded motions to get to where you have to go.

The Q Venture HR has all that you'd anticipate from a smartwatch running Wear OS, including numerous time zones, a morning timer, logbook, alarms, music playback, Google Assistant voice control and shrewd notices served to your wrist from applications, online life, messages and messages. These worked consistently.

In the event that you've attempted on a past Fossil smartwatch show, you may see everything on the Q Venture HR is running a smidgen quicker and slicker than previously, and that is on account of a Wear OS refresh.

Sadly, it's still got a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor inside. This is somewhat frustrating, considering Qualcomm has as of late lifted the cover on the Snapdragon Wear 3100, which can convey all the more frantically required battery life. In any case, the improved Wear OS experience for the most part compensates for it.

A standout amongst the most striking included highlights here is a NFC chip, which implies you currently have Google Pay on your wrist. In spite of the fact that not every person is an aficionado of wrist-bound contactless installments, this alternative methods the Q Venture HR can contend (in any event in such manner) with a portion of the more top of the line smartwatches available, from any semblance of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch to the Apple Watch Series 4.

In my testing, Google Pay worked flawlessly more often than not. At some contactless terminals, it took a couple of moments longer than I'd have expected for an installment card to experience, yet it never would not work out and out.

The watch likewise vibrates a bit to give you some haptic criticism when the installment has worked, which made the slight postpone considerably more tolerable.

Getting Google Pay set up was genuinely straightforward as well and included after the means of including a platinum card through the Wear OS application and affirming it. You do need to make a stick or secret word to get into the Google Pay segment of the watch once you've set it up – yet that is a critical included layer of security.

It merits referencing that in spite of the fact that the watch works with both Android and iOS telephones, you'll get the best involvement with Android.

With an iPhone, the application drops off at whatever point you close it and you'll need to hold up to reconnect. This isn't especially terrible, yet in addition not perfect, and certainly not as consistent as the experience is on Android. You likewise don't get as much Google Fit information to look through and warnings can be perused, however not cooperated with.

Fossil Q Venture HR – Health and Fitness Tracking

Wear OS utilizes Google Fit to monitor action and wellness information. The initial two measurements it watches out for are Move Minutes and Heart Points. Your advancement in timing up those for the duration of the day is shown in a decent looking dial when you open the Google Fit application.

Despite the fact that they may seem like irregular markers to decide how your day has been, they bode well. Move Minutes estimates times of dynamic time, Heart Points identify with high-power dynamic time, the thought being that these are preferred measurements over just advances alone.

Like any normal action tracker, Google Fit additionally reveals to you what number of steps you've taken, calories you've consumed and miles you've secured.

With regards to following exercises, there's an immense determination to browse, including vigorous exercise, boondocks skiing, CrossFit, fencing, HIIT, running and everything in the middle. What the watch tracks inside those exercises relies upon which one you pick. Here and there it's simply calories, dynamic minutes and pulse, different occasions you can discover increasingly, similar to your pace for running.

To begin an exercise, simply open Google Fit, look down to 'Exercises', find what you're searching for and tap the screen to start, at that point tap the screen again to delay. The controls are extremely instinctive for practicing as well, which is constantly convenient. Exploring convoluted signals when you simply need to log a run are a unique sort of baffling – an issue that doesn't highlight on the Q Venture HR.

Every single past exercise are spared in the Google Fit application on your gadget and on the watch, as well. There's likewise a most loved exercises segment, so you don't have to continue looking through every one of them inevitably.

Presently that the Fossil smartwatches all accompany an implicit optical pulse screen you can choose a choice to motivate the watch to follow your pulse at regular intervals persistently. This isn't as usual on as, state, the Apple Watch yet it's a pleasant method for monitoring your resting pulse, which is a decent pointer of your general wellbeing and wellness.

You can likewise utilize the pulse sensor for improving thought of how you're performing amid exercises. I tried the Fossil watch nearby a Fitbit Versa for pulse perusing examination and found that in spite of the fact that it appeared to slow down a bit of amid especially extraordinary pulse periods, it was generally exact and given comparative outcomes inside a couple of beats for each moment (BPM).

Be that as it may, if estimating your pulse is vital to you for wellbeing or for wellness following reasons, it may be ideal to settle on a chest or wrist-based gadget explicitly custom fitted towards pulse observing and super-exact estimations.

The Q Venture HR has included wellness includes however it hasn't been showcased as a top of the line wellness gadget. I'd state this smartwatch is pointed more at the individuals who will in general work out coolly – as opposed to the individuals who are not kidding about preparing.

Just as a sparkling new pulse screen, the Q Venture HR has worked in GPS. You can bolt onto GPS flag utilizing your telephone if it's adjacent yet it likewise works untethered. This is uplifting news and means you don't must have your telephone with you to follow any open air exercises, such as running, climbing or cycling.

I observed the independent GPS to be as exact as most mid-level trackers however it wasn't as precise or fast as wellness centered watches, for example, the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus.

In any case, once more, this smartwatch is best for the individuals who need a run followed all over. It likewise may have been a bit slower to associate since we tried it in a developed zone.

Fossil Q Venture HR Smartwatch – Battery life

Power-wise, the 300mAh battery keeps going somewhere in the range of 12 and 24 hours, yet that relies upon what you use it for. This implies you're taking a gander at charging it daily, which isn't astounding, given that is the standard for a great deal of smartwatches and Wear OS watches. However at this point we're seeing many long stretches of battery life from Samsung, Fitbit and Apple Watch, it's somewhat disillusioning.

The rate at which the battery channels depends, obviously, on how you use it. On the off chance that you have pulse following on and take it for a GPS run, you'd take a gander at more like 12 hours.

The Q Venture HR additionally has a battery saver mode, which kicks in consequently when it begins decreasing. Despite the fact that that won't give you full usefulness, it will spare you on the off chance that you truly need it for telling the time, or for something different that won't suck up an excessive amount of juice as you get down to your last couple of percent.

Charging the Q Venture HR is remote, as it sits on a little attractive puck. Fossil flaunts speedy charging and we discovered it takes around a hour to go from thoroughly void to 85%.

Why buy the Fossil Q Venture HR Smartwatch?

On the off chance that you need an exquisite looking smartwatch intended for little wrists, with a brilliant screen that is stuffed brimming with highlights, at that point the Q Venture HR is for you. It's a standout amongst the best Wear OS keeps an eye out there right now, and Fossil makes a decent watch plan shrewd.


A smartwatch that looks stunning and has an incredible scope of highlights. Battery life isn't perfect and in spite of the fact that the wellness following functions admirably, it will leave anybody genuine about wellness, pulse and substantial measurements feeling slightly frustrated. Something else, it's difficult to blame Fossil's most recent age of smartwatches, particularly when they're the ideal matching of style and substance.

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