SINGER – Professional 5 14T968DC Serger Review

Furnished with an assortment of fundamental highlights, Singer's 14T968DC Professional serger overlock is a superb decision as your accomplice in dealing with a sewing and sewing. It's smooth yet sufficiently incredible to completely supplement the included capacities. Contrasted and different sergers with coverstitch machines, this one has amazing highlights with extraordinary details. The ease of use of this machine is the thing that makes it a standout amongst the top of the line machines in this class.

Product Features

  • With 5-4-3-2 string limit: Having distinctive line types will enable you to create ideal join for spread trims, flatlocking, chain sewing, and so on. It might sound muddled for fledglings. In any case, this machine is anything but difficult to utilize. First time clients will have no time changing in accordance with various join types to test the correct fasten for a specific undertaking.
  • Programmed strain framework: Through Singer Professional, you'll have the capacity to sew any sort of texture with immaculate adjusted lines. When you start to utilize this machine, you'll never again need to stay away from the strain dials like a plague as it alters naturally to give you attractive sewed lines. Also, there's no requirement for you to search for any noticeable circles to discover unequal pressure. The machine will do that for you.
  • Accompanies CD exercise manual: This guide will enable you to more readily comprehend the capacity of each join and how to utilize it to help with your undertaking. Understanding the distinctive sorts of fastens as first could be confounding. In any case, when you get its hang and survey the exercise manual consistently, you'll have the capacity to amplify this machine.
  • With clean pocket: In the wake of utilizing this machine, you don't have to get the cut texture insofar as you've connected the pocket that accompanies the machine. It makes your working territory perfect and sorted out.
  • Quicker machine: With 1,300 join for every moment (SPM), you can spare time and work on a few activities in a single day. This quicker machine gives you a chance to finish any assignment all the more rapidly.
  • Differential feed: This element guarantees that there's an even feed on each texture type. With it, you never again need to stress over extending. This machine can sustain the texture into the cutting segment in a smooth way.
  • Shading coded threading outline: This makes threading significantly simpler to do. You should simply to pursue what the chart says. There's no speculating work here. 
  • Moveable upper blade: This element avoids unintentional cutting of the texture while you're utilizing the machine. 
  • Flexible join length: By turning the dial, you can without much of a stretch change the length of a fasten to accommodate your ideal length. 
  • Higher presser foot lifter: This is fundamental so you can have additional freedom as you place numerous layers of texture under the machine's presser foot. 
  • 25 years guarantee: Artist offers 25 years of guarantee for producer's deformities. Parts and work are just secured inside 90 days of procurement while its electric and electronic parts are secured inside two years. 
  • Diverse lines accessible: With this machine, you can utilize its correct line, five-string security line, twofold chain fasten, and spread join, among others. 
  • With free frill: The bundle has a needle set, spool tops, brush, cone connectors, dust spread, tweezers, spreader, and so on. 
  • Has 4 worked in moved stitches: They're incredible in taking care of lightweight textures. It's easy to change over to moved sew mode as you'll just need to get to its dimension for moved fixing.


  • Increasingly moderate contrasted and different machines in a similar classification
  • Made by a dependable organization
  • Quicker machine with 1,300 fastens every moment
  • Easy to use highlights
  • Helpful exercise manual guide


  • Tenderfoots may set aside effort to comprehend the machine's highlights yet they don't have to go to classes to make sense of them.
  • Setting it up might be troublesome for certain clients
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