TCL 55S517 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2018 Model) Review

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  • Roku Smart TV choices
  • Roku Smart TV Interface task
  • Value/Value
  • Dark dimension and complexity are more grounded than anticipated
  • Knock up to 4K and HDR for future sealing
  • Incredible Coloration with HDR content help of HDR10 and Dolby Vision
  • Low information slack


  • Glare/Reflection from the TV screen
  • Remote is constrained without any numbers for DirecTV or Cable
  • Absence of Depth from semi gleam screen complete/Flat Picture
  • Constrained picture setting modifications
  • Constrained Brightness
  • Screen Uniformity (may see more splendid and darker regions)
  • Side Angle Viewing
  • 3 HDMI sources of info and 1 USB
  • 60Hz local board (120hz CMI – controlled)

Picture Quality Rating: 80/100

I can't genuinely say that the image quality on the 4K UHD adaptation of the TCL Roku TV looks apparently superior to the 1080p variants earlier. Dark dimensions and differentiation be that as it may, shocked to the upside. While there is discernible screen glare or reflection now and again because of the board not being incredibly splendid and furthermore because of the TCL board not having the most elevated end light assimilation highlights, in general we were satisfied with the execution. From side points complexity and shading immersion debase more awful than the normal LED illuminated LCD TV, yet not exactly anticipated. This starts at around 15 degrees askew. Movement obscure is seldom obvious, however judder (side to side jerky movement particularly present when a camera container gradually) is available because of the way that there is constrained revive rate smoothing highlights present in the TV. Despite the fact that TCL may express that the TV is improved to 120Hz, it's really a 60Hz local board.

The backdrop illumination is of the edge lit assortment and not the more costly full cluster backdrop illumination. This is manifested by screen consistency that is frail particularly in dim scale (mid tone hues). This implies you may see some blurring along the edges or corners while showing a dark or exceptionally dim screen. From our involvement with LCD TVs, it might turns out to be increasingly articulated after some time. With a dim or medium shading screen you may see some darker shadows in different territories of the screen. When seeing our stock Fifth Element BluRay we noticed some error in hues with a red push causing substance tones to look flushed. Greens are likewise troublesome for the TV to deliver precisely. On the positive side, I was awed with the splendor delivered.

The majority of that stated, the image is only a decent piece superior to acceptably fair is the most ideal way I can put it. It's positively not terrible and is bit superior to anything we anticipated. You aren't spending a ton to get a predominant board or shading execution on this TV. That is not its solid suit. At the cost, the image is in reality great. What's more, the rating no the image execution would be higher were it not for such exceptional TVs on the top of the line.

Upscaling to 4K is performed by the Creative Pro upscaling motor and completes a pleasant activity with most substance even standard def. It's not the most fresh image of all the 4K TVs out there, however it completes a sensibly great job particularly at the cost.

Ultimately, however there is HDR similarity and the TV has a genuinely wide shading extent, HDR playback isn't its solid suit, yet it's great to have it.

Picture Settings

The image settings menu is straightforward with very few alternatives for adjusting shading. There are 5 preset picture modes. Preset Picture Mode Options incorporate Sports, Normal, Vivid, Low Power, and Movie. The Movie mode is the most regular and precise with shading temp set to Warm.

You will need to quickly change the TV Brightness setting to Normal to Dark contingent upon the room light conditions.

It's additionally critical to take note of that the Picture Size settings for Aspect Ratio are situated in the Advanced Picture Settings Menu. Alternatives are Normal, Auto, Direct, Stretch and Zoom. We ended up utilizing the Zoom alternative a few times to fill the screen.

  • Television Brightness: Darker
  • Picture Mode: Movie
  • Backdrop illumination: 85
  • Brilliance: 54
  • Differentiation: 93
  • Sharpness: 5
  • Shading: 52
  • Tint: 0
  • Shading Temp: Warm
  • Picture Size: Auto

Features Rating: 83/100


Gaming Picture Note: For Gaming set TV Brightness to Brighter, set to Game Mode On, and dial back the backdrop illumination, splendor and complexity and set shading temp to Normal or Cool. Info slack is normal at around 18ms, this dimension should make the S517 splendidly fine to use for gaming for everything except the pickiest gamers.

Smart TV Features

Roku is a phenomenal Smart TV stage, by most records the best in the market. I've utilized them for a considerable length of time and am on my second Roku (3) box, so their stage contained in a TV is constantly welcome. When you stop to consider it a second, the Roku 3 or Roku Premier Box would cost you $75, and you get a similar exhibition with this TV, so it's an extraordinary investment funds to have such a usable spilling framework – an incredible alternative for rope cutters, particularly with the new Sling TV choice.

After starting setup, the home screen shows up with the enormous App boxes, with the simple and awesome hunt work, the Channel store and the Settings.

The determination of Roku Apps is the best in the market with around 1800. Many are pointless, yet all the best Apps are incorporated like: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, HBO Go, Vudu, Crackle, M-Go, Redbox Instant, TWC. Quite, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, Rdio, and NFL Now are missing from most other TV makers Smart TV suites.

Roku's hunt work is additionally the best of any Smart TV. One preferred standpoint here is that you can think about costs of films and shows before choosing which to buy from. On occasion, a show or motion picture might be free by one supplier, for example, Amazon Instant with a Prime participation, and exorbitant on another, for example, Hulu.

Remote Control

The TCL Roku Remote is extremely a Roku fabricated remote. Roku is great at activity, and I like the speed with which the little basic remote controls everything. We were satisfied to discover the earphone jack on the Roku remote. The sound/volume catches are situated on the correct side of the remote. It's anything but difficult to unintentionally press the quiet catch. The image and other menu settings are gotten to from the reference mark wheel catch. Advantageously, there are catches for Netflix, Amazon moment, Mgo, and rdio on the remote face. There are free Apps for iOS and Android advanced mobile phones that even contain a voice controlled pursuit. I didn't attempt the voice seek nor the advanced cell App. Be that as it may, simply realize that it's a choice. I like the basic Roku remote.

WiFi Built In

In conclusion, the double band wifi completed a decent activity getting the flag even from 40 feet.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is commonly poor with slim and tinny being two unwelcome characteristics, while there is minimal bass from the 8W speakers.


The included stand is just about 12" top to bottom and you will require a wide table to help the stand feet – not my most loved stand structure. The profundity of the TV is a standard at 3 inches and it's truly not a terrible looking TV. Meager bezel casing and dark the whole distance around.

Value Rating: 94/100

Quick Specs

  • Goals – 4K UHD
  • Local Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Internet Browser
  • Roku TV
  • Wifi Built In
  • Diversion Mode: Yes
  • Sources of info: 3 HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 (one with HDMI ARC)
    1 USB
  • Speakers: 8W X 2
  • Measurements: 49" x 30.1" x 8.3" D with stand, 49" x 28.3" x 3" without stand

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